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Derrico Computers & Software Unlimited, Inc. is very unique in the fact that we accomplish Technical Interviews or evaluations over the phone talking to potential Candidates for our Business Partners and clients. Our competition, which is mostly online testing is set in stone and sometimes never updated with changing concepts or Computer language changes. We have adaptive questioning during the interview process. When you test with an online Computerized Testing process you are set to a consistent way of testing either Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank or some other predictable form of Testing. Derrico Computers has a unique method of interviewing. Our interviews discuss concepts and questions in a one-on-one conversation with your candidate. Derrico interviewers are thoroughly vetted and trained to create a consistent methodology of testing. Derrico interviewers are senior level IT professionals.

We Regularly Conduct Technical Interviews All Over The world:

  • Integrity and Privacy
  • Score Sheets of Candidates Results
  • No Cumbersome Contracts
  • Descriptive Interviews
  • Results Faxed or E-Mailed immediately
Remember-skilled and pre-screened consultants or employees denote immediate services available to your clients.

When organizations are looking to augment a particular project or rollout they go to IT staffing firms. It is possible to have the perfect resume and still not technically fulfill a job requisition or position. IT is becoming very competitive for candidates and more people are applying for the same position. Resume savvy candidates are able to target specific technologies to stand out in the crowd. The problem of the recruiter is sifting through candidates and determining if they are technically able to perform the job prior to putting them in front of the hiring manager. We team with our clients to help get the right candidate in front of hiring managers. We are able to make sure skill sets match the position in which the candidate is applying. Derrico helps the recruiter technically assess skills to specific job requisitions and doing general assessments of a candidates overall skills.


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